REST vs. GraphQL Web Development

REST vs. GraphQL

REST and GraphQL are two ways to send data over HTTP. The REST-based approach is the traditional way of doing so and has gained a very high adoption rate in many application stacks in the last years. GraphQL is often presented as a revolutionary new way to think about APIs. Indeed GraphQL is able to overcome major shortcomings of REST. [...]

Top 3 JavaScript Online Courses

Top 3 JavaScript Online Courses

The JavaScript programming language is essential for nearly every web developer, regardless of whether you’re working on the front-end or you’re working on the back-end part of a web project. JavaScript is also the basis for most modern web development frameworks like Angular, React or Vue. Gaining a profound knowledge of [...]

Creating Angular Projects With Angular CLI Angular

Creating Angular Projects With Angular CLI

Creating new Angular projects is easy by using Angular CLI in the following way: $ ng new [name] That’s the default usage of the command and creating a new project folder with [name]. The project which is created in that folder is containing: The default Angular project All dependencies installed in node_modules folder Testing [...]

Getting Started With CSS Grid CSS

Getting Started With CSS Grid

Introduction CSS Grid is the new layout system natively supported by browsers. In comparison to e.g. Bootstrap’s Grid system CSS Grid do not require to include any external libraries and is applied by adding CSS rules to parent elements (Grid Container) and to child elements (Grid Items). CSS Grid is a two-dimensional grid layout [...]