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Front-end development frameworks in 2017

At the moment many new JavaScript frameworks gaining traction and have already taken front-end web development to a new level. A persisting trend is the development of single-page web application and componentization. This leads to a better user experience and makes development easier and complex applications can be split up into smaller units. Furthermore reusing of code becomes easier and larger projects are far better to maintain.

At the moment there are three front-end frameworks which will play a major role in 2017 and beyond: Angular, React and Vue.js. Those frameworks are build on the latest features of ECMAScript and have introduced a component-based approach to web development. They are all great for developing feature-rich single-page web & mobile applications. Which of the frameworks you’re choosing depends on your personal preferences and experiences already made.

What’s your favorite framework?

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Want to know how our framework voter web application has been built?

No problem! Just stay tuned! In the upcoming tutorials you’ll learn how to build the framework voter application from scratch by using technologies like React, Redux and Firebase realtime database.

Framework Voter Application in Action

Framework Voter Application in Action

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