Course Announcement: Vue CLI 3 – Vue.js Development Made Easy

A new online course has been launched and is available on Udemy today! Wow!

Throughout this course, you will be learning what Vue CLI 3 is and why it was introduced. The command line interface that is provided by the Vue team will help you to generate your Vue.js single-page web applications more effectively than ever. You will be learning everything related to the CLI, from generating a new app to adding plugins, creating presets, using build targets, deployment and a lot more including the new Vui UI. You will learn how to build and serve your apps quickly with the help of Vue CLI 3.

There’s no better time to start with Vue.js and Vue CLI 3

Vue.js is one of the top single-page web application framework right now! Vue.js is often considered to combine the best from Angular and React. Furthermore Vue.js is easy to learn and by using Vue CLI 3 the development process is becoming easier then ever. With this course you’ll get a profound understanding of what Vue CLI 3 is and how this tool can help you to speed up your Vue development process.

Vue CLI 3 is a complete rewrite of the previous version of the Vue command line interface tool and comes with a set of new features which makes Vue development and the management of Vue projects a lot easier.

By the end of this course you’ll master Vue CLI 3 and be able to:

  • Use Vue CLI 3 to create new Vue JS projects from scratch
  • Understand what Vue CLI 3 is and how it can help you to speed up your Vue development workflow
  • Create and use custom presets for Vue project creation
  • Make use of plugins to add features to your Vue project
  • Use Instant Prototyping
  • Make use of build targets
  • Create web components from your Vue project
  • Be able to use the Vue UI to create and manage your Vue project

After that, I hope to welcome you as a new student in my course. I’m sure you’re gonna love it!

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