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Course Announcement: Gatsby – Static Site Generator For React – Complete Guide


Big Announcement:

The new Gatsby – Static Site Generator For React – Complete Guide online course has been launched today!

Check it out and apply coupon 10GATSBY to get it for only $9.99 right now! Limited Launch Offer:

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Gatsby is based on React and GraphQL. Gatsby uses GraphQL internally to make data available which is pulled from different sources into your project. E.g. you can use sources like your file system, WordPress, or Contentful. All of the data which is made available from those sources can then be accessed by using GraphQL which makes the way you’re accessing data easy and consistent.

Gatsby is optimised for speed. Gatsby tries to build the fatest possible website, it delivers code and data splitting out-of-the-box. Therewith Gatsby loads only the parts of your website which are needed right now. In addition, Gatsby prefetches resources for other pages. Because of that navigating between pages of your website feels incredibly fast.

Gatsby comes also with a plugin system which makes it easy to extend the static site generator which additional functionality. E.g. if you want to pull data from another source you simply need to find the right plugin, install and configure this plugin and the desired data becomes accessible by using GraphQL in your pages.

If you want to bring your next web development project to the next level, deliver state-of-the art results, websites that are optimised for speed and usability you should definitely check out Gatsby today. The course Gatsby – Static Site Generator For React – Complete Guide will help you to get up to speed with Gatsby very fast.

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Gatsby – Static Site Generator For React – Complete Guide was designed for people who …

… want to use Gatsby to create ultra-fast static websites with React and GraphQL

… want to learn how to work with pages, components and assets in Gatsby

… need to apply styling in Gatsby by using global styles, CSS modules or styled components

… want to understand Gatsby’s built-in data layer based on GraphQL

… want to retrieve data in Gatsby by using Static Queries and Page Queries

… need to be able to use Gatsby’s plugin system

… want to understand how to programmatically create pages in Gatsby by using the Node.js API

… need to learn how to deploy Gatsby websites for production with ease

The launch sale has started and you can get the Gatsby – Static Site Generator For React – Complete Guide online course for just $9.99 right now!

And this is what you get by signing up today:

  • Lifetime access to all HD quality videos. 6h of video content! No monthly subscription. Learn at your own pace, whenever you want!
  • All videos are downloadable. Learn wherever you want, even without an internet connection!
  • Friendly and fast support in the course Q&A whenever you have questions or get stuck!

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There’s no better time to start with Gatsby!

Gatsby is relatively new and has already gained a lot of traction and support by the community. Many extensions are available and Gatsby is used by more and more production websites.

Gatsby is great for delivering an outstanding user experience in the browser and is also a building block when you’re to implementing the JAM stack (JavaScript, APIs, Markup).

By using Gatsby you’re able to apply existing web development skills (state-of-the-art JavaScript, React, Node.js and GraphQL). The learning curve is extremely steep and you’ll quickly be able to come up with impressive results.

Gatsby combines many of top trending web development trends right now: React, GraphQL, Static Site Generation, JAM Stack, Headless CMS approach … add Gatsby.js to your skillset right now and stay on the cutting edge of technology!

After that, I hope to welcome you as a new student in my course. I’m sure you’re gonna love it!

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