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Ionic 2 Book

Ionic 2 Book – A Practical Introduction To Hybrid Mobile Apps Development (eBook)

Learn to write Ionic 2 hybrid mobile apps the smart way! Book now available!


Ionic 2 – A Practical Introduction To Hybrid Mobile App Development – In this book you’ll learn everything you need to know about Ionic 2. Ionic 2 is a web front-end framework to develop hybrid mobile apps and is the successor of Ionic 1. With the new version of the framework many concepts have been revised. Ionic 1 is based on AngularJS 1.x and with the second version of the mobile framework the switch to Angular 2 was made.

With Angular 2 many new concepts have been introduced and a lot of features of AngularJS 1.x have been replaced. These new concepts are now valid for Ionic 2 as well. Angular 2 is based on the latest version of JavaScript (ECMAScript 2015) and TypeScript. To get started with Ionic 2 you need a basic understanding of these technologies. If you have no experiences in ECMAScript 2015, TypeScript or Angular 2, don’t worry. You’ll be introduced to those fundamentals throughout the book step-by-step.

As the subtitle of this book A Practical Introduction To Hybrid Mobile App Development announces, we’ll be building a lot of sample applications throughout the chapters of the book to demonstrate the various concepts of Ionic 2. You can expect to get hands-on tutorials in every chapter. This will make it very easy to apply everything you’ve learned to applications you’re building right away. You’ll get a real-world understanding of how Ionic 2 can be applied in your own hybrid mobile applications.

Updates for the upcoming release

As Ionic 2 is not yet released and only available as a beta version right now some aspects of the framework may change until the final release. Don’t mind. This book will be updated to keep information up to date.

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