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MEAN Stack Crash Course

Building An Angular 6 CRUD Application From Scratch with MongoDB, Express, Node.js, And Material Design UI


The term MEAN Stack refers to a collection of JavaScript based technologies used to develop web applications. MEAN is an acronym which stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular and Node.js.

In this free four-part video course you’ll learn to use the MEAN Stack with Angular 6 from scratch. We’ll cover the front-end and the back-end part and by following the steps of this tutorial you will be able to learn everything by building a real-world example from the ground up.

Throughout this series you’ll learn:

  • How to setup and implement the web front-end application with Angular 6
  • Using Angular Material for implementing a Material Design-based user interface
  • Setting up and running MongoDB
  • Implementing the back-end API with Node.js and Express.js
  • Connect the back-end server to the MongoDB database
  • Use Postman for testing the server API
  • Connecting the Angular 6 font-end application to the Node.js back-end

This series is completely free, so sign-up required! Have much fun learning the MEAN Stack!

Part 1: Front-end Project Setup And Routing

Part 2: Implementing The Back-end

Part 3: Connecting Front-end To Back-end

Part 4: Completing The User Interface

ONLINE COURSE: Angular & NodeJS - The MEAN Stack Guide

Check out the great online course Angular & NodeJS – The MEAN Stack Guide with thousands of students already enrolled:

Angular & NodeJS – The MEAN Stack Guide

  • Learn how to connect your Angular Frontend to a NodeJS & Express & MongoDB Backend by building a real Application
  • Connect any Angular Frontend with a NodeJS Backend

  • Use ExpressJS as a NodeJS Framework
  • Improve any Angular (+ NodeJS) application by adding Error Handling
  • Understand how Angular works and how it interacts with Backends

  • Use MongoDB with Mongoose to interact with Data on the Backend

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