Using Material Design In Angular 2 Angular

Using Material Design In Angular 2

To get started with Angular 2 and Material Design just go through the following steps: 1) Start with a new project setup By following the Angular 2 quickstart tutorial you can set up a new base project structure: |-app --|-app.component.ts --|-app.module.ts --|-main.ts |-index.html |-package.json |-systemjs.config.js |-tsconfig.json [...]

Ionic 2 Project Structure Ionic 2

Ionic 2 Project Structure

In this video you we’ll dive deeper into the project structure of an Ionic 2 starter project and examine the most important parts step-by-step. Let’s examine the initial project structure of an empty Ionic 2 project. The project structure which can be seen in the following screenshot is created by using the blank project [...]

Why Angular 2 Will Be Big in 2016 Angular

Why Angular 2 Will Be Big in 2016

Back in March 2014 Angular 2 has first been announced by the Angular team. Since then the next version of Google’s popular web application framework has taken a long way and has arrived in beta state on 15th of December 2015. That is a huge step toward the final release and now everybody is able to see what Angular 2 is really [...]