Top 3 Flutter Online Courses

Top 3 Flutter Online Courses

Flutter™ is Google’s UI toolkit for building building applications for mobile, web, and desktop from one single codebase. Flutter relies on the dart programming language and uses a compiler for natively building applications for the various target platforms. Flutter has been released as an Alpha version first in 2017. The Flutter [...]

The Svelte 3 Quickstart Tutorial Svelte

The Svelte 3 Quickstart Tutorial

The front-end development world is changing very fast – new technologies and frameworks are being released constantly and sometimes it’s hard to keep the overview. If you’re a web developer you have most probably worked with frameworks like Angular, React, Vue in recent months. Now a new star is arising which is gaining [...]

Docker & WordPress Docker

Docker & WordPress

WordPress Containerization With Docker Setting up a local WordPress installation involves multiple steps and sometimes can be very cumbersome. Usually you need to setup a local web server (w.g. Apache), configure the server to be able to execute PHP code, and setup a MySQL database. Of course you can use pre-build bundles like MAMP for [...]

Apollo Server 2 Introduction GraphQL

Apollo Server 2 Introduction

Apollo Server is a library which makes it easy to create a GraphQL server in JavaScript. In this tutorial we’ll walk through the steps of getting Apollo Server 2 installed, setting a new project and implementing a GraphQL server. If you like CodingTheSmartWay, then consider supporting us via Patreon. With your help we’re able [...]

Top 3 Docker Online Courses

Top 3 Docker Online Courses

When it comes to containerization Docker is the platform to use. As a developer you should add Docker to your skillset if you haven’t done so before. Using Docker to deploy and host your application has many advantages: Docker containers makes use of the host operating system. This means Docker container are easy to setup and share [...]