Top 3 Docker Online Courses

When it comes to containerization Docker is the platform to use. As a developer you should add Docker to your skillset if you haven’t done so before. Using Docker to deploy and host your application has many advantages:

  • Docker containers makes use of the host operating system. This means Docker container are easy to setup and share system ressources in an efficient way.
  • Many pre-build Docker images can be found at Docker hub which makes it easy to get started and setup your Docker environment.
  • Docker makes the deployment of your application really easy. All dependencies and libraries are built into the image, so that it can be deployed and executed in any Docker environment.

In the following you can find an overview of the top 3 Docker online course recommendations to start learning docker from scratch.

TOP 1: Docker Mastery: The Complete Toolset From a Docker Captain


Instructor: Bret Fisher
Course Length: 9.5 hours
Number of Lectures: 102
Rating: 4.6 stars (out of five)

What This Course Teaches You

The Docker Mastery course from Bret Fisher covers everything what’s needed to become a real Docker expert. Bret has years of experience with Docker and containerization. He teaches you all the Docker fundamentals and gives you insights into real-world Docker use cases.

Inside this course you’ll find the following sections:

  • Course Introduction and Docker Intro
  • The Best Way to Setup Docker for Your OS
  • Creating and Using Containers Like a Boss
  • Container Images, Where To Find Them and How To Build Them
  • Container Lifetime & Persistent Data: Volumes, Volumes, Volumes
  • Making It Easier with Docker Compose: The Multi-Container Tool
  • Swarm Intro and Creating a 3-Node Swarm Cluster
  • Swarm Basic Features and How to Use Them In Your Workflow
  • Swarm App Lifecycle
  • Container Registries: Image Storage and Distribution
  • DevOps and Docker Clips
  • Extra’s, Common Questions, and Resources

The course if packed with great content and you can expect to learn everything you need to make use of Docker in your real-world containerization scenario.

A Peek Inside Bret’s Course

Bret provides a well-structured walk-through an teaches you everything you need to know to work with Docker in an production environment. Bret’s lessons are always to the point. Following the practical instructions you’ll be able to gain pratical knowledge very quickly.

In the following you can see a screenshot of one of the lessons of Bret’s course:

Is It Worth Signing Up – My Recommendation

If you’re looking for an online course which takes you from abolute Docker beginner to expert this course is for you. Bret makes it great fun to follow the lessons. He is a real Docker expert and providers many pratical insights into Docker. With a total of over 9 hours of video lessons this course covers everything you need to get started quickly with Docker.

Here is what one of Bret’s students is saying about the course:

I knew very little about docker until I took this course. I am now very confident about using docker in dev, and feel I’m pretty close to being confident about using it in prod.

Great intro to docker!

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TOP 2: Docker and Kubernetes: The Complete Guide


Instructor: Stephen Grider
Course Length: 21 hours
Number of Lectures: 268
Rating: 4.6 stars (out of five)

What This Course Teaches You

Stephan’s course comes with over 21 hours of video content is is therefore covering everything related to Docker in very detail. Stephen is a great teacher with a lot experience in delivering top-notch developer online courses. This Docker course is for everybody interested in getting started with Docker quick and easy but also wants to learn more advanced topics like setting up a continuous integration workflow, deploying to AWS, and working with Kubernetes.

  • Dive Into Docker!
  • Manipulating Containers with the Docker Client
  • Building Custom Images Through Docker Server
  • Making Real Projects with Docker
  • Docker Compose with Multiple Local Containers
  • Creating a Production-Grade Workflow
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment with AWS
  • Building a Multi-Container Application
  • “Dockerizing” Mulitple Services
  • A Continuous Integration Workflow for Multiple Images
  • Multi-Container Deployments to AWS
  • Onwards to Kubernetes
  • Maintining Sets of Containers with Deployments
  • A Multi-Container App with Kubernetes
  • Handling Traffic with Ingress Controllers
  • Kubernetes Production Deployment
  • HTTPS Setup with Kubernetes

Stephen’s Docker course is one of the most comprehensive Docker courses available right now. If you’re looking for a course which teaches you Docker in every detail this is the right choice.

A Peek Inside Stephen’s Course

Stephen is a great and experienced teacher. Even if you’re new to Docker and to the concept of containerization Stephen makes it easy to understand all the details by providing clear and precise explanations throughout the course. He uses a lot of diagrams in the course to visualize core concepts. In the following you can see a screenshot from one of the course’s lessons:

Is It Worth Signing Up – My Recommendation

If you really want to spend some time on learning Docker in every details you should really consider taking Stephen’s course. Stephen delivers in-depth, easy-to-understand Docker lessons that are outstanding and fun to attend.

Take a look at the following student feedback for this course:

Indepth, strong knowledge. The best docker training so far
Great starter course for Docker and Kubernetes.
Stephen is a really good trainer.

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TOP 3: Docker Crash Course for busy DevOps and Developers


Instructor: James Lee
Course Length: 3 hours
Number of Lectures: 49
Rating: 4.4 stars (out of five)

What This Course Teaches You

As the course title suggests this online course is intended for busy people who want to learn the most important Docker fundamentals in just three hours. James’ course comprises the following sections:

  • Get Started with Docker
  • Working with Docker Images
  • Create Containerized Web Applications
  • Docker Networking
  • Create a Continuous Integration Pipeline
  • Deploy Docker Containers in Production
  • Additional Learning Materials

This enables you to get going with Docker very fast. You will be able to understand the underlying concepts, learn about Docker fundamentals and also gain practical experiences by following the step-by-step explanations.

A Peek Inside James’ Course

James’ course is well structured and great for beginners and people who want to spent a limited amount of time learning Docker.

Is It Worth Signing Up – My Recommendation

If you’re looking for a Docker crash course which introduces you to the most important Docker topics in just a few hours this course could be the right choice for you. You’ll learn everything what’s needed to get started with Docker.

Here you can read what one of James’ students is saying about the course:

I started this course with zero knowledge of Docker, and now I am confident that I can do some magic with Docker. Big Thanks to our Instructor James Lee

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