Top 3 JavaScript Online Courses

The JavaScript programming language is essential for nearly every web developer, regardless of whether you’re working on the front-end or you’re working on the back-end part of a web project.

JavaScript is also the basis for most modern web development frameworks like Angular, React or Vue. Gaining a profound knowledge of JavaScript first helps you to get going with one of the frameworks fast and easily. Furthermore understanding the core concepts of a scripting language like JavaScript is essential to understand the core concepts of modern web development.

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To get started with (or deepen your existing knowledge of) JavaScript you can find our top 3 recommendations of JavaScript online courses in the following:

TOP 1: The Complete JavaScript Course: Build a Real-World Project

Master JavaScript with the most complete JavaScript course on the market! Includes projects, challenges, final exam, ES6


Instructor: Jonas Schmedtmann
Course Length: 17.5 hours
Number of Lectures: 113
Rating: 4.7 (out of five)

What This Course Teaches You

With a total of over 17 hours video content the course consists of 113 lectures. It will teach your JavaScript basics as well as more advanced topics like using objects and functions. Furthermore the course covers ES6 features. You’ll gain practical experiences by following the course section to build a real-world project from scratch.

The following modules are included:

  • Course Introduction
  • JavaScript Language Basics
  • How JavaScript Works Behind the Scenes
  • JavaScript in the Browser: DOM Manipulation and Events
  • Advanced JavaScript: Objects and Functions
  • Putting It All Together: The Budget App Project
  • Get Ready for the Future: ES6 / ES2015
  • Final Course Exam: 30 Questions to Test Your JavaScript Knowledge
  • Conclusion

A Peek Inside Jonas’ Course

The course is very well structured and it’s easy to get started with JavaScript even if you do not have any prior knowledge. By demonstrating everything in detail Jonas takes you from complete beginner to JavaScript expert. He applies a very practical teaching approach and you will be able to follow the course lessons and try out everything on your own system at the same time.

Here is a screenshot of one of the course’s lessons:

Is It Worth Signing Up – My Recommendation

If you’re looking for a JavaScript course which takes you from complete beginner to expert this is the right choice for your. You’ll get hands-on experience by building a complete real-world project at the end of the course you’ll gain a lot of practical knowledge. Once having completed the course you will be able to make use of JavaScript in your own web project without problems.

Here is what one of Jonas’ students is saying about the course:

This course was a great in-depth coverage of the javascript language. The coding challenges and projects really show you how to apply everything you just learned. I’ve taken Jonas HTML5/CSS3 course as well and he has shown that he is very knowledgable about front-end development. I highly recommend you take this course!

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TOP 2: Modern JavaScript From The Beginning

Learn and build projects with pure JavaScript (No frameworks or libraries)


Instructor: Brad Traversy
Course Length: 21.5 hours
Number of Lectures: 119
Rating: 4.8 (out of five)

What This Course Teaches You

Brad’s course is brand-new and is packed with over 21 hours of video content. The course starts with basic fundamentals and guides you through the more advanced concepts of JavaScript. The course is not relying on any framework. By building multiple real-world projects you’ll gain a practical understanding of JavaScript. After having completed the course you will be able to start with your own projects with ease.

The following modules are included:

  • Intro & Getting Started
  • JavaScript Language Fundamentals
  • DOM Manipulation & Events
  • DOM Projects
  • Object Oriented JavaScript – ES5 & ES2015
  • OOP Book List Project
  • Asynchronous JavaScript, Ajax & Fetch API
  • API Projects
  • Error Handling & Regular Expressions
  • Other Newer Features – ES2015+
  • JavaScript Patterns
  • Tracalorie Project (Using The Module Pattern)
  • Microposts Project – CRUD Front End (Webpack & Babel)
  • Wrap Up

A Peek Inside Brad’s Course

Brad is a great teacher. It fun to follow along and being guided by his step-by-step explanations. Even if you have no prior JS knowledge you’re able to understand everything without hurdles.

The following screenshot is taken from of the course’s lessons:

Furthermore the course is well structures and by building ten practical real-world projects you’ll become a real JavaScript experts.

Is It Worth Signing Up – My Recommendation

Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced learner of JavaScript Brad’s course has a lot to offer. If you like to learn by building practical projects along the way this is the right course for you.

Let’s take a look at the student feedback for Brad’s course:

I recommend this course to everyone looking to expand their JS skillks! The course covers a vast area of topics and everyone should learn a lot from it. The projects are interesting and engaging. The course is worth every penny paid for it!

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TOP 3: Accelerated JavaScript Training + Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training

Take a deep dive into JavaScript, a Must-Know Language in Web Development, with a Hands-on, Example-driven approach. Learn and Use the Future of JavaScript.


Instructor: Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Course Length: 7.5 hours / 6 hours
Number of Lectures: 126 / 113
Rating: 4.7 (out of 5)

What These Courses Teaches You

Both courses makes it easy to get started with fundamentals and advanced concepts of JavaScript and ES6 features. With more then 13 hours of video content (both courses combined) you’ll cover the following modules:

The following modules are included in the Accelerated JavaScript Training course:

  • Getting Started
  • Language Basics
  • Types & Scope
  • Array
  • Objects
  • Errors & Debugging
  • Functions
  • Built-in Objects & Functions
  • Working with the Window and Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Events
  • JavaScript and Http Requests (AJAX)
  • Libraries, Frameworks and Modules
  • Course Project
  • Course Wrap Up

The following modules are included in the Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training course:

  • Introduction
  • Syntax Changes & Additions
  • Modules & Classes
  • Symbols
  • Iterators & Generators
  • Promises
  • Extensions of Built-in Objects
  • Maps & Sets
  • The Reflect API
  • The Proxy API
  • Course Project
  • Course Wrap Up

At the end of each course a comprehensive real-world course project is provided. By following the steps which are needed to implement these projects you’ll be able to apply all learning to a real-world application. This approach makes it easy to get going with your own JS projects after having completed the course quickly.

A Peek Inside Maximilian’s Course

Maximilian is a very experienced teacher. The explanations are always clear and to the point. Going through the lectures of the course you’ll get both: theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Is It Worth Signing Up – My Recommendation

Maximilian is one of the top teachers in the area of web development. If you’re looking for a trainer with in-depth knowledge and would like to get into more advanced ES6 features as well this course is the right choice!

Here is a comment from one of Maximilian’s students:

Fantastic course! Although I already had a primer on ES6, I learned so much I didn’t previously know about this new syntax and how to use it. Max is an excellent instructor — one of my favorite instructors on Udemy. I’ve now purchased almost all of his other courses and will continue to purchase more of his courses in the future.

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