Top Online Courses For Frontend Developers In 2017

2016 has been a great year for frontend web developers! Many new JavaScript frameworks have evolved and have taken web development to a new level. A persisting trend is the development of single-page web application and componentization. This leads to a better user experience and makes development easier and complex applications can be split up into smaller units. Furthermore reusing of code becomes easier and larger projects are far better to maintain.

If we now take a look into the future there are three front-end frameworks which will play a major role in 2017 and beyond: Angular 2, React and Vue.js. Those frameworks are build on the latest features of ECMAScript and have introduced a component-based approach to web development. They are all great for developing feature-rich single-page web & mobile applications. Which of the frameworks you’re choosing depends on your personal preferences and experiences already made.

If you want to start into 2017 with learning something new and extend your toolbelt with a new front-end framework, now it’s the best time to start. In the following we’ve hand-picked the best online courses on Udemy for Angular 2, React and Vue.js!

1) Angular

Angular 2 – The Complete Guide

Instructor: Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Course Length: 16,5 h
Number of Lectures: 261
Number of Students: > 22.500

Rating: 4.6 stars

What This Course Teaches You

Maximilian’s course The Complete Guide to Angular 2 delivers tons of great content. With a total of 16,5 hours of video content this course is one of the most comprehensive Angular 2 course available right now.

What’s also special about that course is that Maximilian is combining theoretical sessions with a practical course project which is used and extended step-by-step throughout the course. By implementing the course project you’ll gain more insides into the various topics.

The following modules are included in Maximilian’s Angular 2 course:

  • Getting Started
  • Components, Templates & Databinding
  • Course Project – Components & Databinding
  • Directives
  • Course Project – Directives
  • Debugging an Angular 2 Application
  • Service & Dependency Injection
  • Course Project – Service & Dependency Injection
  • Routing
  • Course Project – Routing
  • Forms
  • Course Project – Forms
  • Pipes
  • Http
  • Course Project – Http
  • Authentication & Route Protection
  • Optimizing an Angular 2 Application (for bigger Projects)
  • Angular 2 Animations
  • Deploying an Angular 2 Application
  • Angular 2 CLI
  • Custom Project & Workflow Setup
  • A Basic Introduction to Unit Testing in Angular 2 Apps
  • Course Roundup
  • Bonus: TypeScript Introduction

A Peek Inside Maximilian’s Course

Maximilian is doing a great job as a teacher. He is explaining everything very clearly and uses easy to follow samples. In the following you can see a screenshot of the directives lecture from his course:

Is It Worth Signing Up – My Recommendation

If you are looking for an up-to-date Angular 2 course which gives you a deep & profound understanding of Angular 2 and the underlying concepts that comprehensive Udemy course is worth buying. With frequent course updates it is ensured that you’re always getting content which includes changes of latest framework releases.

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Angular 2 with TypeScript for Beginners: The Pragmatic Guide

Instructor: Mosh Hamedani
Course Length: 9 h
Number of Lectures: 184
Number of Students: > 14.500

Rating: 4.6 stars

What This Course Teaches You

Mosh’s course Angular 2 with TypeScript for Beginners: The Pragmatic Guide delivers great Angular 2 content with a total of nine hours video material inside. The course comprises eight modules in total and covers everything: from getting started with Angular 2 and creating a first sample application to more advanced topics like building form with complex validation logic. The following modules are included:

  • Getting Started with Angular 2
  • Angular 2 Jumpstart
  • Displaying Data and Handling Events
  • Building Re-usable Components
  • Controlling Rendering of HTML
  • Building Forms with Basics Validation
  • Building Forms with Complex Validation
  • Introduction to Reactive Extensions

A Peek Inside Mosh’s Course

The videos of the course are of a great quality which makes following the instructions very easy. The teaching style of Mosh is very clear and to the point. He gives you detailed explanations and shows you step-by-step how to implement the samples. Throughout the course he uses the free Visual Studio Code editor which makes developing with Angular 2 and TypeScript really easy.

In the following you can see a screenshot of the Creating Components lecture:

Is It Worth Signing Up – My Recommendation

With a total of over 14.500 students the course has a vivid community. This is great, especially when you are starting out with Angular 2 as you can find help easily when you experience problems.
Mosh is doing a great job with that course. All the topics are well explained and examples are built step-by-step so that you can follow along. If you want to start with Angular 2 today, this course is great!

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2) React

Modern React with Redux

Instructor: Stephen Grider
Course Length: 22,5 h
Number of Lectures: 112
Number of Students: > 21.500

Rating: 4.7 stars

What This Course Teaches You

Modern React With Redux is one of the most popular React courses on Udemy right now. With over 20.000 students Stephen’s course is backed by a big community. With a total of 22,5 h video content the course teaches you everything you need to know to get started with React. It covers fundamentals and advances topics like Redux and React Router. The following curriculum is included:

  • An Intro to React
  • Ajax Requests with React
  • Modeling Application State
  • Managing App State with Redux
  • Intermediate Redux: Middleware
  • React Router + Redux Form
  • Bonus – RallyCoding

A Peek Inside Stephen’s Course

Stephen is making it easy to follow by providing step-by-step explanations showing you exactly what to do on the screen. He is providing boilerplate code which can be downloaded from GitHub. With this boilerplate code you’re receiving an initial project structure which is used in the course to implement the practical examples:

Is It Worth Signing Up – My Recommendation

If you want to start with React the course Modern React with Redux is a full recommendation. You can start with React right away without any prior knowledge of the framework. Stephen has a great teaching styles and uses practical examples throughout the lessons. A community of thousands of students ensures that you’ll get prompt responses if you have any questions or problems. The average rating of 4.7 stars (out of 5) is also outstanding.

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The Complete React Web App Developer Course

Instructor: Andrew Mead
Course Length: 29,5 h
Number of Lectures: 158
Number of Students: > 9.300

Rating: 4.7 stars

What This Course Teaches You

The course The Complete React Web App Developer Course is another great option for learning React online. With over 150 lectures and 29,5 hours of video content the course is very comprehensive. The following modules are included:

  • Intro
  • Getting Setup
  • Hello React
  • A Better React Project
  • Routing & Our Weather App
  • Deploying Your App To Production
  • Styling Your App With Foundation
  • Testing & Component Lifecycle
  • Building A Todo Application

A Peek Inside Andrew’s Course

Andrew is doing a great teaching job here. Throughout the course he is enthusiastic and engaging which makes it easy to follow along. He explains everything with simple and easy-to-follow practical steps. In his review one of the students puts it straight:

“Andrew is a fantastic teacher. He explains everything really well. I never felt like he was going too slow or too fast. He promptly answers all questions and he keeps updating the course and even adding new content. I finished the course some months ago and now I am back because he added more content. Thank you so much, Andrew!”

Here is a screenshot from the lesson Creating Your Web Server of the second course module:

Is It Worth Signing Up – My Recommendation

If you want to start from scratch and your goal is to understand React in full depth this course is for you! Andrew is a great teacher which makes it fun to go through all the lectures which are provided. However, this course is going really deep and it takes time to complete everything. If you are willing to invest that amount of time you’ll become a real React expert with this course!

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3) Vue JS

Vue JS 2 – The Complete Guide (incl. Vuex)

Instructor: Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Course Length: 16,5 h
Number of Lectures: 333
Number of Students: > 4.200

Rating: 4.8 stars

What This Course Teaches You

Again, Maximilian is delivering a great and comprehensive course with Vue.js 2 – The Complete Guide. At the moment this is the most complete Vue.js course available on Udemy. In 16,5 hours of video content Maximilian guides you through the following modules:

  • Getting Started
  • Using VueJS to Interact with the DOM
  • Using Conditionals and Rendering Lists
  • First Course Project – The Monster Slayer
  • Understanding the VueJS Instance
  • Moving to a “Real” Development Workflow with Webpack and Vue CLI
  • An Introduction to Components
  • Communicating between Components
  • Advanced Component Usage
  • Second Course Project – Wonderful Quotes
  • Handling User Input with Forms
  • Using and Creating Directives
  • Improving your App with Filters and Mixins
  • Adding Animations and Transitions
  • Connecting to Servers via Http – Using vue-resource
  • Routing in a VueJS Application
  • Better State Management with Vuex
  • Final Project – The Stock Trader
  • Deploying a VueJS Application
  • Course Roundup

As you can see this course is packed with content and you can expect to be taken from Vue.js novice to expert. With practical course projects Maximilian shows you how to put your knowledge into practice by following step-by-step explanations throughout the course. The course covers advanced topics like state management with Vuex, connecting with servers via Http and creating animations and transitions.

A Peek Inside Maximilian’s Course

Here you can see an screenshot of the lesson Let’s create our first VueJS Application:

A student’s review of Maximilian’s course:

“This course is EPIC! I have enrolled in many (50+) Udemy courses over the years and I have to say that Maximilian absolutely nailed it!
This course was so well structured and gave a deep dive into Vue JS and covered everything I hoped it would cover and then some!
Thank you Maximilian! You are truly a great trainer.”

Is It Worth Signing Up – My Recommendation

Vue.js is gaining more and more traction at the moment. If you want to prepare for this new framework and cover not only the basics but also advances topics this course is a full recommendation. The community with over 4000 students is already quite big and the average rating of 4.8 stars is also outstanding.

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Learn by Doing: Vue JS 2.0 the Right Way

Instructor: Dejan Stošić
Course Length: 3,5 h
Number of Lectures: 32
Number of Students: > 400

Rating: 4.7 stars

What This Course Teaches You

Learn by Doing: Vue JS 2.0 the Right Way is a course for getting started with Vue.js quickly. Of course in comparison to the previous course this containing much less video content (3,5 hours). However, if you are looking for an introduction which gives you a quick overview of Vue.js and uses a practical approach to teach you the fundamentals of the framework the Learn by Doing course is a great alternative. Included are the following modules:

  • Getting Started
  • Authentication
  • News Feed
  • Profile
  • Settings
  • Beeps
  • Outro

A Peek Inside Dejan’s Course

Dejan makes sure that even beginners can follow all steps without problems. He guides you through the implementation process of the sample application step by step and makes sure that students are able to understand every single line of code.

The teaching is straight to the point. The promise which is made by the course title “Learn by Doing” is fullfilled

Is It Worth Signing Up – My Recommendation

If your time is limited and you want to get a quick overview of Vue.js this course is the right choice. In only 3,5 hours Dejan takes you through building a complete sample application in Vue.js. However if you want to dive deeper into the framework and you are willing to spend more time learning Vue.js you should take a look at the previous course Vue JS 2 – The Complete Guide (incl. Vuex).

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